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About Us

Norlin is a privately-owned venture capitalist firm focusing on Hospitality, Leisure and Real Estate.

However, we aren’t constrained by sectors or the perceived ‘norms’ in our industry. We aren’t interested in ‘typical’. We look at opportunities through a much wider lens, seeking to support only the most pioneering companies and innovative products that carry strong global potential – regardless of industry, sector or provenance.

Neither are we interested in ‘quick wins’. We practise the art of the long view – taking a highly strategic, long-term approach to helping our companies realise their full growth potential.

We provide strategic insight and operational support to drive our portfolio of companies to achieve sustainable, long-lasting growth and success.

At Norlin, our mission is to make impact and create legacy. Every company we own and operate in our wide portfolio promises to better society in some way, giving back to communities, locally and internationally.

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Richard Irwin Co-Founder / Director

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Niall Moen Group Finance Director

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